Richo Butts


Richo Butts

Type: Multi-Discipline

Like most people who are terrified of heights, Richo always said he'd do a tandem but put it off until one of his coworkers organised a large group to go get hucked out of an airplane at Byron one weekend. He through up in the portapotties no less than three times before finally getting in the air- and as soon as he landed he knew he was hooked. He booked his AFF and got his license in November of 2015. From there, swooping immediately had his attention. Before skydiving, he raced motorcycles for a hot second in his homeland of Australia, and swooping tickled all the same "Go really fast while dragging stuff against the earth" neurons.

After finding Skydive California and making it his home, and under the watchful eye of some amazing (and often stressed) mentors he managed to downsize rapidly without breaking anything, getting from a 170 in his first rig to a 64 HK in his first 3 years in the sport.

These days, he focuses on competitive canopy piloting, but relaxes by flying parachutes while surrounded by wingsuiters.

"I've had a few Infinities now, and loved all of them for the same reasons. The big things about the rig, like floating laterals keeping the rig pinned to my back in any orientation, to the little things like easily the nicest risers on the market for swooping, are what made me choose Infinity. The devotion to customer service, willingness to do ridiculous custom stuff for me, and consistent drive to go the extra mile to make sure everything is exactly perfect is what makes me stay." -Richo


Skydives: 2000'ish

Base jumps: 150ish

Speedwing launches: 200


Velocity Sports Equipment

Safeish Clothing

Birdmonkey Rigging

Fluid Wings