Infinity Rigs and Skydiving Gear

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Infinity Rigs and Skydiving Gear

The Infinity harness/container system was designed with two basic concepts in mind: safety and performance. An emphasis has been placed on increased security of the pin cover flaps and riser covers, an additional main riser cover is incorporated into the reserve container side flap, a redesigned reserve pilot chute for better launch and higher drag, and the standard Reserve Static Line (RSL) is Velcro-free and concealed for maximum snag resistance.

What to expect from your Infinity:

  • Main pin cover protection- Main pin and bridle protection are important in preventing out of sequence deployments and premature openings. The Infinity main pin flap does a great job of protecting both pin and bridle by anchoring the main pin flap and top main container flap at the same point. It's robust yet easy to use. You never need to put much worry that you may have knocked the pin cover open when climbing around inside or out of the aircraft.
  • A BOC that is integrated near the bridle protection flap.
  • Shaped corners that give extra security to bridle stowage and shape to the container in a way that tie in to the side flaps.
  • Riser tuck tabs- to the size and shape of the riser flap tuck tabs, riser covers stay closed in any orientation and speed.
  • Fully enclosed reserve pilot chute.

The Infinity™ is a great option for all skydiving and parachuting disciplines. Here are just a few that we cover (Accuracy and CRW not shown).

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Their customer service is unparalleled as well. The staff is always professional, responsive, and the turnaround for repairs/alterations is super quick.

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