Nick Reyes


Chris Bohn


I did my first skydive in June 2010 and went through the student program at Skydive Spaceland, Houston from February to August 2011. After I got my A license and started to actually make money, I started jumping like crazy! I was doing tandem videos and coaching in 2012, and in 2013 I got my tandem rating. I went to US Swoop Nationals in 2013 and 2014. I started to travel more in 2014 and have worked in Australia, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Norway and a handful of different DZs across the US. I'm not the most competitive person, but I do love a good stunt or DZ swoop line. Skydiving has brought me to some cool places and I have met some really amazing people.

Since getting my Infinity rig I have never been so comfortable free flying, and more importantly under canopy. The floating laterals are excellent for flying silly positions in free fall and keeping your rig snug on your back, but under canopy the floating laterals and incredible leg pad design makes for a comfortable canopy ride back to Earth. The belly band design is simple and can be taken on and off quite easily to switch from swoop mode to wingsuit mode in no time at all. The swoop risers are SIIICK! They are low drag, the dive loops are easy to find and grab without looking, and having the upper guide ring makes flying with rear risers comfortable up high, and right off the deck cruising through the gates.


7,000 total skydives: 2,500 tandems 250 AFF 1,000 Video

600+ BASE jumps


Tandem Instructor


Video Flyer

3rd in Accuracy, 4th Overall Swoop Nationals 2014


Velocity Sports Equipment




Hamm's Rigging