Luke Aikins


Luke Aikins

Type: Multi-Discipline

Luke Aikins


Luke Aikins is a third generation skydiver with over 17,000 jumps and has participated in all disciplines of skydiving. He is one of the original members of Team Xaos and also a member of the Red Bull Air Force. In the last 7 years he has backed off of competing and been concentrating on instructing military and civilian students in advanced canopy control, running the skydiving side of the Red Bull Stratos program including 200 test jumps on the equipment and training Felix Baumgartner for the jump, designed and developed and runs the Red Bull ACES wingsuit race and still does about 40 high profile demos a year. He is also a commercial fixed wing and helicopter pilot and the North West Regional director on the USPA Board of Directors.

Luke's current project Heaven Sent were he plans to land without opening a parachute requires lots of training jumps where he will be relying on his Infinity container. Luke has been jumping exclusively Velocity Sports Equipment containers since before the company was called Velocity Sports Equipment. "I have more than 13,000 jumps on Infinity containers and I have never had a problem that was related to the container system"


  • 17,000 jumps
  • Tandem Instructor
  • AFF Instructor Examiner
  • S/L Instructor
  • IAD Instructor
  • Coach Examiner


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