Luca Sala


Katie Hansen

Type: Multi-Discipline

Luca Sala


My name is Luca and I was born to fly. When I was eighteen I joined the Italian Air Force with the dream of becoming a Pilot. As soon as I landed from my first flight I knew the sky was going to be my favorite playground!

When I finally got my Pilot Wings, I decided that I wouldn't stop there. I longed to fly as free as a bird, and that's how I started skydiving.

The first time I exited an aircraft with nothing but a rig on my back.... was a moment I will never forget. It changed everything for me and after that, I poured my heart and soul into the sport completely. Two years after my AFF I did my first BASE jump and shortly afterward I got a new pair of wings, this time as a wingsuit pilot. Now I know what flying like a bird feels like!

I loved every step of the journey that led me here and I am still as excited today as the day it all began. I can't wait to see what the future will hold!



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