Danji "DJ" Marvin


Danji "DJ" Marvin

Type: Multi-Discipline

Danji "DJ" Marvin

Occupation: Skydiving Instructor Examiner and Coach, Owner of The Ratings Center, Canopy Coach

Home DZ: Skydive Spaceland

Main Canopies: Valkyrie 84, Spectre 135

Reserve Canopy: PD Optimum 126

Container: Velocity Sports Equipment, Infinity

AAD: Cypres 2

First jump: August 23, 1997

Total Jumps: 8,100

AFF: 1,000 / AFF Eval: 300

Tandem: 3,000 / Tandem Front Rides: 500

Camera: 1,500

Freefly: 700

RW: 200

Hop and Pops: 200

Cutaways: 3 (2 sport, 1 tandem)

Ratings: AFF Instructor Examiner, Tandem Instructor Examiner, Coach Examiner, former Static-Line and IAD Instructor

Canopy Progression: Triathlon 160, Viper 150, Stiletto 135, Stiletto 107, Velocity 96, Spectre 150, Spectre 135, Velocity 90, Valkyrie 84

Most valuable skydiving lesson learned: Make the most of each jump and you will take away the most from each jump

Skydiving Philosophy: We can learn from EVERYONE, from the first time jumper to a national champion. Always have an open heart and mind.

Life Philosophy: No regrets, our past is what makes us the person we are today. Learn from each and every moment.

Sponsors: Velocity Sports Equipment, Performance Designs, Larsen and Brusgaard, Cookie Composites