Susan Maddox

The Velocity Staff

Container Sub Assembly aka "Pre-Sew Warrior"

About Susan Maddox

Susan is a rock star on a sewing machine! When she started at VSE, she was thrown into a very difficult position, and she picked it up as if she had been doing it for years. She has a background sewing military gear, so it was an easy transition for her to learn how to sew skydiving harness container systems. Since she has been at VSE, Susan has learned several different positions and has become somewhat of a master of all trades. Currently, she is the first sewing stage when your rigs hit the production floor!

Favorite part about working for Velocity Sports Equipment: "The people - except for Jordan and his hip hop music :) I always leave with a smile."

In her free time, Susan loves arts and crafts, gardening, and spending time with her grand daughter, whom she says is her "greatest joy in the world."

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...not to mention the rig fits better than my Speedo!

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