Isaac Hansen


Isaac Hansen

Type: Multi-Discipline


"The Infinity is best fitting, best feeling on your back, snug like a baby wrapped in a blanket! The leg pads are so comfortable it feels like I am wearing Depends! Best rigs in the market, and best customer service in the sport!"


I grew up in Maple Valley Washington. I Joined the military at 18 years old, and have served for 13 years. I now work for the Military Free Fall School. I have lived in Washington, Colorado, North Carolina, Tennessee and now reside in Arizona. In my Free time I work for Skyventure Arizona (they call me part time, part time), And I just started free fly organize at Skydive Arizona when needed. Stoked to be apart of the Vertical Elites for the VWR 2018.

Lead Instructor/Trainer at Yuma Proving Grounds Wind Tunnel (US ARMY)

Instructor/Trainer at Skyventure Arizona

IBA Pro Flyer Rating

IBA Instructor LVL 4

IBA T3 Trainer IBA

Tunnel Coach

1000+ Tunnel Hours

USPA Pro, AFF-I, Coach,S&TA

MFFI-759 (Military Freefall Instructor)

3+ Years of Skydiving Experience with 2,200+ jumps

Videographer/Demonstration Jumper/Load Organizer

Arizona Airbenders- Outside Center Flyer ( 4 Way VFS)


Velocity Sport Equipment

BoogieMan Freefly Wear

NZ Aerosports



Riton USA


California Head Down Record November 2017

Wisconsin Head Down State Record June 2017 (29 Way)

Tennessee Head Up State Record July 2015 (5 Way)

Dynamic Competitor (IBA Flight of the Phoenix)

4 Way VFS Open Gold Medalist (IBA Flight of the Phoenix)

2 Way VFS Open Silver Medalist (IBA Flight of the Phoenix)