Infinity Sport

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Infinity Sport

The One and Only Infinity™

The Infinity™ features many of the state-of-the-art design features found on most skydiving rigs, but we have done it the Velocity way. From the beginning, the Infinity has made great effort to integrate features without adding on extra unneeded pieces or elements just for the sake of saying "we have that too". The well thought out design of the Infinity rig is the baseline for the highest quality and performance standards in skydiving gear and equipment.

Standard Features

Every new Infinity™ includes:

  • Harness / Container assembly
  • Standard color pattern with standard embroidery on left mudflap, both sidebodies, and the Infinity™ symbol on the #1 flap
  • Cadmium plated hardware
  • Main risers (22") with hard housings with main toggles
  • Main riser cutaway pillow and cables
  • Main deployment bag (d-bag)
  • Main kill line pilot chute with bridle and hackey
  • Reserve Static Line (RSL)
  • Reserve toggles
  • Reserve free bag with bridle
  • Reserve pilot chute
  • Reserve metal D-handle ripcord
  • Polycarbonate hook knife
  • Owners manual

Unique Features

  • Matte Black Stainless Steel Fittings
  • Floating Laterals
  • Chest Rings
  • Main Pin Cover
  • Contrast Stitching
  • Reserve Flap
  • Dual Riser Covers
  • Velocity Risers
  • Spring Loaded Legstrap Adapters
  • Mesh Padding


Measurement Guide

Please find our measurement guidelines for all custom rigs.

Infinity Order Form

The official downloadable order form for the Infinity Sport rig.

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Credit Card Authorization Form

If paying by credit card, please download and submit a credit card authorization form.

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Stock Embroidery Options
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Price List

Updated on June 2016. Please note all prices subject to change.

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Color Selection Guide

Having trouble choosing your custom Infinity colors? Check out our color guide for some tips and tricks based on SCIENCE! #colortheory

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Infinity Manual
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Northern Light III - Infinity 1 Pin
» Download File
Northern Light III - 2 Pin
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Rigging Forms

Canopy Compatability Chart
» Download File
Pilot Chute Installment Instructions
» Download File
3 Ring Release Cable Trim Procedure
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Supplement - CYPRES Cutter Location
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Party Bag Packing Instructions
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Repair Forms

Repair / Authorization Form
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Service Bulletins

Service Bulletin - VSESB001
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Service Bulletin - RSL Snap Shackle, Airsports
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Design Your Rig

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