Julie Kleinwort


Julie Kleinwort

Type: Multi-Discipline


"I've always felt safe and secure in my Infinity, which is my number one concern with skydiving gear. That's why I hug my rig after every jump. Velocity Sports Equipment's customer service is outstanding; they know how to treat their customers right."


Julie started skydiving in 2012 at a small, local dropzone in Iowa. Since then, she's traveled the states and a few other countries to jump at events or just to get in the air. That's one of the things she loves most about this sport - the ability to go to new places, meet new people, and create new memories. Currently you can find Julie organizing at different boogies across the country, while also training and competing in multiple disciplines. Her teams consist of Vega XP (4-Way Advanced FS) and Ooh Something Shiny (Artistic Freestyle).


950 skydives

25 tunnel hours

Coach rating


2017 USPA Nationals - Gold 4-Way Intermediate FS - STF Vega XP (tail)

FS State Record: Nebraska (2014)

CRW State Record: Iowa (2015)

Women's FS State Records: Illinois (2015); Iowa (2017); Missouri (2017); North Carolina (2017); Puerto Rico (2015)

Women's FS Sequential State Records: Florida (2017); Illinois (2015); Iowa (2017); Missouri (2017)


Larsen and Brusgaard, Hypoxic, Cookie, Paraclete XP, and Velocity Sports Equipment