Jeffro Provenzano


Jeffro Provenzano

Type: Multi-Discipline

Jeff Provenzano


"What I love about the Infinity is that from the day i started jumping the Infinity my gear fear went away. The flaps are so secure. In the 15 years of jumping Infinity and watching my team mates jump them I have never seen an open riser cover or flap in freefall not once. That is amazing. Also the harness is the most comfortable on the market because it articulates at the point of the hip at which you bend. Not 4 inches below that point like most other harnesses on the market. I also really like the Party bag [semi-stolwless D-Bag] and the swoop risers. The Party Bag gives you the cleanest openings. Line stretch is never affected by rubber band tension and the risers, basically your handle bars for your canopy, are the most comfortable in my hands as far as control handling goes. The swoop loops are awesome! In general I just love the look of the rig, especially with the party stripes and you can never go wrong with the customer service at Velocity Sports Equipment."


Jeff Provenzano is one of the pioneers of the high-speed, high-stakes skydiving discipline of swooping, and he's known as the inventor of the highest-scoring move in swooping competition, called the Miracle Man. Known as "Jeffro," he grew up outside of New York City and did his first skydive when he was in college studying visual arts. After school, he decided to move out west to Arizona to spend a summer skydiving. He never left, and eventually he joined the Red Bull Force and skydiving became his profession and true calling.

He's now done over 16,000 jumps, coached the prince of Dubai in skydiving, and does skydiving stunt work for major Hollywood films. "The thing I love most about my job is that no two days are ever the same," Jeff says.


2011 Dubai World Cup Freestyle Champion
2011 Dubai World Cup Silver Medal Team Event
2008 World Cup Champion
2008 National Champion
2007 National and International Competitions
11 Gold Medals
1 Bronze Medal
2006 National and International Competitions
3 Gold Medals
1 Silver Medals
2 Bronze Medals


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