Andy Malchiodi


Andy Malchiodi

Type: Multi-Discipline

Andy Malchiodi (Mal-kee-o-dee), made his first tandem skydive in

1996. Upon graduating college in 2001, he re-located from the east coast to the

west. Since that time, he has made over 11,000 skydives, committed over 200

hours in vertical wind tunnels, broken 8 world records, won 6 U.S. skydiving

national championships, and took gold and silver medals at back to back world

championships. He has performed demonstration jumps all over the world, and

performed aerial stunts for film and television.


As a gregarious personality, and a fierce competitor,

Malchiodi found a home in the skydiving community and sub-culture. He "cut his

teeth" in the early part of the decade, "fun jumping" on the weekends, and honing

his skills.

In 2006, he made the decision to become a full time skydiver. He began by

coaching others in his discipline of choice, "freeflying," which encompasses

vertical, as well as flat, methods of body flight. He earned his instructional

ratings around this time as well, and began teaching people to skydive, doing

thousands of tandem and "AFF" instructional skydives. He also assists in the

training of future navy SEALS, at the naval freefall school in San Diego.

His competitive nature brought him to the highest levels of freefly competition,

and earned him multiple national championships, and a world championship. He

has also been a participant and co-organizer of multiple world and state record


As his reputation grew as a quality skydiver with a genuine personality, doors

began to open in the realm of aerial stunts and demonstration skydives. He has

taken full advantage of these opportunities, participating in ambitious aerial stunt

projects and performing demonstration jumps on multiple continents.

Stats and notable achievements

* Jumps: 11,300

* Freefly national champion: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013

* Freefly world champion: 2010

* MFS national champion: 2015

* World record holder (largest freefly formation): 2005, 2007, 2009, 2012, 2016

* World record holder (fastest freefly sequence): 2008, 2010

* CA state record organizer and world record co-organizer: 2009, 2010, 2012,


* Aerial Stunt Performer

* Samsung Galaxy

* Toyota Spade

Coke Zero

Cartoon Network

SoCal Converge (2010 world championship routine)

Team Fliteshop (2015 MFS highlight reel)